These 27 Wrestlers Ruined Their Careers


The wrestling world has always been frenzied with news of wrestlers been sacked or falling out with each other. With increasing pressure to perform inside the ring, these wrestlers are constantly making bad decisions outside of the ring that they are later forced to regret.
From popping insane amounts of pills to devastating habits outside the professional ring, these wrestlers are notorious for making some of an awful decisions that have hit their career harder than a steel chair to the head.

Hulk Hogan

Who doesn’t remember this wrestling legend who helped in making the industry what it is today. He was an All-American heartthrob and undefeated champion in the ring, but perhaps not so invincible outside the ring as he went bankrupt in 2007.
Despite earning millions of dollars, Hogan was unable to manage his money properly, and his reckless spending habits made him completely broke. With his marriage falling apart and his son’s illegal activities which eventually got him arrested, Hogan’s problems were piling up as his career was slowly going down.