The Love Interests Of Hollywood Stars From the Golden Age


Hollywood, from 30’s to 60’s saw some of its most glorious days, producing some of the best singing talents like Elvis Presley and sensational actors and actresses like Marilyn Monroe. But this golden age of Hollywood was known for more than just its iconic stars and larger-than-life, blockbuster films; the glamorous stars from the iconic era had some of the most amazing off-screen chemistry, rocking the tabloid with steamy scandals and real-life romance that seemed just as good as that from the classic films that we all adore.

Marilyn Monroe And Robert F. Kennedy

There seemed to be a trend in Marilyn Monroe’s love life as she was notorious for her sexual love affairs with the married Kennedy men. After her brief romantic encounter with John, Marilyn moved on the younger Kennedy brother, Robert. Both were involved in a brief love affair while Robert was still in his first marriage.